Yamaha Yht1810

The Yamaha YHT1810 provides ideally matched speakers and AV receiver for a fantastic introduction into home cinema. TOP QUALITY HOME CINEMA SOUND MADE EASY Simply connect your TV, Blu-ray/DVD player and games console to the Yamaha YHT1810 and you’re ready for the full cinema experience. With built-in Dolby and DTS digital processors, the YHT1810 fires out sound effects around the room for an uncanny sense of "being there". Once processed by the 192/24-bit Burr Brown DACs on each channel, the sound goes through a high power, low impedance amplifier with an impressive 70 watts per channel (6 ohms), giving powerful dynamics that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat! Yet, this Yamaha home cinema pack isn’t just about thrilling sound, it’s about subtle music nuances, too. By using discrete (separate) components rather than an IC chip, superior quality components are specified for a more detailed sound quality

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