Grabber Gjj2 Joist Jaw

The Grabber joist jaw is the perfect accessory for the professional wood framer. Like a second pair of hands, the joist jaw holds up the rafters and joists, eliminating the need for 2 people. The joist jaw automatically levels the crossmember with the rimjoist or ledger giving the framer a hands free position while installing the joist hanger or other connectors. With just a couple of twists, the joist jaw clamps down on its target from the top or the bottom and holds your lumber tight. This tool increases the accuracy and production of a 2 man framing crew whether they’re building a deck, a roof, or a floor, saving time and money. The joist jaw is reusable and made of zinc plated durable steel. Package comes complete with 2 joist jaws per package.

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