Eagle Creek Pack It Spectre Garment Folder –

Eagle Creek Pack It Specter Garment Folder 18 (Size Medium)

Product Description:

An ultra light packing solution that weighs only eight ounces made of Silnylon to keep clothing organized while traveling. This translucent fabric is the same fabric used for lightweight tents and backpacks it is super durable stain and water resistant. The Pack It Specter Folder 18 holds between 8 12 shirts or pants and fits in most carry on bags. Part of Eagle Creeks Pack It System packing folder travel organizers work together with packing cubes sacs and toiletry kits to help you get more into less space and organize your travel bag.


  • Packing folder allows you to take more clothes in less space
  • Ultra lightweight silnylon ripstop allows you to see what”s inside
  • Minimizes wrinkles
  • Comes with a helpful folding instruction board
  • Quick grab handle
  • Fits in a carry on sized bag
  • Water resistant and anti staining properties


  • Capacity: Holds 8 12 shirts and pants
  • Weight: 8 oz / 254 g
  • Fabric: Silnylon Ripstop
  • Dimensions: 18×12 in / 45×30 cm
  • 17X11.5 in / 43×29 cm (folding board)

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