Twin Tub Washer

Light Weight Model 24.5kg
Spin Speed 1380rpm.
Spin Motor 165W.
Spin Capacity 6kg.
Wash Motor 365W.
Wash Capacity 6kg.
Drain Pump For Wash & Spin Tubs.
Fitted Drain Pipe For Emptying Into Sink Or Stand Pipe.
Rinsing Function.
Robust Modern Plastic Body Design.
Fills From Hot/Cold Tap Via The
Plastic Fill Hose Supplied.
(Rubber Pipe Optional Extra)
Note :-There is no heater in the machine. It uses your own hot water.
Carrying handles Either Side.
Note : No casters are fitted to this machine.
You Can Add Clothes Any Time During The Wash Cycle.

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Aeg 50280598009 Electrolux Microwave Turntable

Suitable For – EMS1760X, MC1751EM, MC1751E-M, MC1761EA, MC1761E-A, MC1761EM, MC1761E-M, MCD1751EM, MCD1751E-M, MCD1761EM, MCD1761E-M


Suitable For – EMS1760X;MC1751EM;MC1751E-M;MC1761EA;MC1761E-A;MC1761EM;MC1761E-M;MCD1751EM;MCD1751E-M;MCD1761EM;MCD1761E-M

Buy Aeg 50280598009 Electrolux Microwave Turntable at amazon