Source Widepac Water Tank blue blue Size:2 l

The Source Widepac 2.0 Litre is arguably the most advanced hydration system in the world, offering functionality and ease of care that leave other manufacturers playing catch-up. Standout features of the Widepac include the easy-sip bite valve, which allows you to hydrate little and often, and twists easily into ‘closed’ position to shut off the flow when not in use. Then there’s the wide-opening top which gives the Widepac its name, allowing quick and easy refilling in the home or the field, as well as ease of cleaning and draining.


Cleaning won’t need to be a frequent occurrence, thanks to the anti-microbial Grunge Guard treatment, and Glass-Like interior, which prevent the growth of bacteria within the Widepac bladder, tube, and valve, for the life of the system. With all those plus points, it’s no wonder the Source Widepac won a Trail Magazine ‘Best In Test’, achieving a coveted 5-star rating. Easy to use, easy to refill, and easy to clean: what’s not to like?

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